Picture This…

You being able to chill on your own lounge with your besties around you, while an essential oil educator brings these incredible oils, the information you can hold in your hands AND beautiful gifts especially for you, simply for having the class.

This 2 hour class and the info on these oils, is the best gift I can offer anyone today. I will get to personally support you in your oils journey and help you have a safe and confident experience with your oils. It’s fun, interactive and a great experience that may just change your life.

Epic benefits of hosting an essential oil workshop:

  • Learning all about essential oils in your own home. You don’t even have to put a brassiere on!
  • Personalised oil education for yours, your friend’s, and your family’s needs.
  • Free essential oil recipe books.
  • All the glass bottles you need for your recipes as a gift from me to you!
  • The option for me to make them up for you during our class while we chat about the oils.
  • A free bottle of Wild Orange oil.
  • 10 Wild Orange samples for your friends & family.
  • 10 beautiful postcard invitations to make your guests feel loved when you invite them.
  • Free dōTERRA product credits to put towards more amazing oils.
  • Entry into a likeminded community.
  • Lifetime customer support.

I invite you to book a time where we can learn about next-level health and happiness using the best the Earth has to offer!


Essential oils contain volatile aromatic compounds – which is a fancy way of saying: tiny organic molecules that serve a variety of protective, reproductive and regenerative purposes.

Intuitively, we often know to reach for plants to ease ailments, settle symptoms and enhance our wellbeing.

We know that sipping on peppermint tea helps us digest meals.

We know that tea tree (melaleuca) can be applied to bites and stings.

When we sense our nervous system is crying out for calming, or we require a better night’s sleep, we instinctively seek out lavender.

But what you might not have been too aware of, is that:

Applying rosemary oil topically can help reduce cellulite and fluid retention.

Ylang ylang is an aphrodisiac (oh yes, ladies).

And that lemongrass not only smells phenomenal, but purifies the air when diffused, and can help stimulate the lymphatic system.


Book your class time to learn the answers to these questions:

+ What are essential oils

+ What are the most important ones that every household needs

+ How to support a chemical free household

+ How to safely use essential oils

How essential oils can:

+ be used to make natural skincare and natural cleaning products

+ support emotional wellbeing

+ enhance your spiritual practice

+ promote deep and restful sleep

+ improve digestive health

+ help to fight colds

+ alleviate headaches

+ relieve pain

and so much more!!

dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils represent the safest and purest essential oils available today.

Contact Cherie to book your class.

e: cherie@thearomaco.com

m: 0457586738